Entrepreneurship Strategy: From Ideation to Exit

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This course covers in the chronological order each defining step of an entrepreneurial project. It begins with very personal considerations related to getting to better know yourself better so as to decide if you are ready for the multiple challenges of entrepreneurship. It then deals with creativity in order to provide the right set of tools to find an idea with the right potential to disrupt an existing business. We then discuss how to gather a founding team, how to raise money to initiate the project, and how to deal with day to day cash management. Later in the course, we discuss the art of selling, focusing on business to business sales, and how to measure the product launch phase using cohort analysis. Later on, we discuss the challenges of HR in an entrepreneurial environment, and of recruiting at a point where nobody knows your company. We then describe very practical techniques to initiate the international development of a small company. Last, we cover the exit strategy topic.

Discover the secrets of successful entrepreneurship with our comprehensive online course. From ideation to exit, learn the essential steps and strategies to build a thriving business. Join now and gain the skills needed to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality!


Welcome to the World of Entrepreneurship

Embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship is both exciting and challenging. It is a path filled with possibilities, innovations, and opportunities to make a lasting impact. If you have ever dreamed of starting your own business or are looking to take your existing venture to new heights, the “Entrepreneurship Strategy: From Ideation to Exit” course is your key to success.

The Journey Ahead

Led by the experienced and accomplished instructor, Ambroise Huret, this course offers a comprehensive roadmap that covers every defining step of an entrepreneurial project. From understanding yourself as an entrepreneur to crafting disruptive business ideas, and from raising capital to conquering the global market, this course leaves no stone unturned.

Course Overview

What is “Entrepreneurship Strategy: From Ideation to Exit”?

This online course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape successfully. Whether you are a beginner with no prior experience or an established entrepreneur seeking to enhance your strategies, this course caters to all.

Meet Your Instructor, Ambroise Huret

Your guide throughout this transformative journey is Ambroise Huret. With a wealth of experience and a track record of success in the entrepreneurial world, Ambroise brings valuable insights and expertise to the table. Prepare to be inspired and motivated by his teachings.

Course Format and Duration

The course is flexible and can be completed at your own pace. With approximately 18 hours of content, you can dedicate 6 hours a week over three weeks, or customize the schedule to fit your lifestyle. The convenience of learning from anywhere and at any time makes this course an ideal choice.

Benefits of Enrolling in the Course

Upon completion, you will receive a shareable certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile, showcasing your newly acquired skills and expertise. Additionally, the course offers quizzes and assessments to gauge your progress and understanding throughout the learning journey.

What You’ll Gain

Self-Discovery: Assessing Your Readiness for Entrepreneurship

Before diving into the entrepreneurial world, it is crucial to understand yourself better. This module focuses on introspection and self-assessment, helping you determine if you are truly prepared for the challenges and responsibilities of entrepreneurship. Discover your strengths and areas for growth to embark on this journey with confidence.

The Power of Creativity: Identifying Disruptive Business Ideas

At the core of every successful business lies a disruptive and innovative idea. In this module, you will learn essential techniques to unlock your creativity and generate groundbreaking business concepts. Unleash your entrepreneurial imagination and learn how to evaluate the potential of your ideas.

Building Your Dream Team and Raising Capital

No entrepreneur can succeed alone. This module delves into the art of building a cohesive and talented founding team. Learn how to identify key roles, hire the right people, and create a positive work culture that fosters creativity and growth. Additionally, understand the intricacies of raising capital and securing funds to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.

Mastering Business-to-Business Sales and Cohort Analysis

The success of any business hinges on its ability to sell its products or services. This module focuses on mastering business-to-business sales, providing valuable insights into effective sales strategies and customer relationship management. Furthermore, learn the significance of cohort analysis in measuring the success of your product launch and customer acquisition efforts.

Navigating HR Challenges in an Entrepreneurial Environment

As your business grows, managing human resources becomes increasingly crucial. This module addresses the unique challenges of HR in an entrepreneurial setting and offers practical solutions to nurture a motivated and productive workforce. From recruitment to retention, discover the best practices to foster a thriving team.

Expanding Internationally: Practical Techniques for Growth

Venturing into the global market presents both opportunities and complexities. This module equips you with practical techniques to initiate international expansion for your small company. Learn how to identify promising markets, navigate cultural differences, and scale your business globally.

Preparing for Exit: Ensuring a Successful Business Transition

Every entrepreneur envisions an eventual exit from their venture. In this module, you will explore various exit strategies and the importance of planning for a smooth transition. Whether it’s selling your business, merging with another company, or passing it on to a successor, this module prepares you for a successful exit.

Who This Course is For

Aspiring Entrepreneurs with No Previous Experience

If you have always dreamed of starting your own business but lack prior experience, this course is the perfect starting point. It provides you with a solid foundation and the necessary tools to confidently venture into the world of entrepreneurship.

Existing Entrepreneurs Seeking to Enhance Their Skills

For established entrepreneurs who are looking to level up their strategies and take their businesses to new heights, this course offers valuable insights and advanced techniques to fuel growth and success.

Business Professionals Looking to Venture into Entrepreneurship

If you are currently working in the corporate world but aspire to become an entrepreneur, this course will help you make a smooth transition. Learn the ropes of entrepreneurship and gain the confidence to pursue your passion.


Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards unlocking your full potential as an entrepreneur. “Entrepreneurship Strategy: From Ideation to Exit” is not just a course; it’s a transformative journey that will empower you to build a successful business. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now and embark on this thrilling adventure of entrepreneurship!


Q1. How long will it take to complete the course?
A1. The course takes approximately 18 hours to complete, spread over three weeks at 6 hours per week. However, you can learn at your own pace and adjust the schedule to suit your convenience.

Q2. Is there a certificate provided upon completion?
A2. Yes, upon finishing the course, you will receive a shareable certificate, which you can add to your LinkedIn profile to showcase your new skills and accomplishments.

Q3. Can I access the course materials from anywhere?
A3. Absolutely! The course is entirely online, allowing you to learn from the comfort of your home or any location that suits you best.

Q4. What level of experience is required to enroll in the course?
A4. The course is designed for beginners, and no previous experience is necessary. It caters to aspiring entrepreneurs as well as those seeking to enhance their existing entrepreneurial skills.

Q5. Who is the instructor for the course?
A5. The course is led by the experienced and accomplished instructor, Ambroise Huret. His expertise in entrepreneurship will guide you throughout the journey.