Food Sustainability, Mindful Eating, and Healthy Cooking Specialization

  • Created by Maya Adam, MD
  • Course Duration 3 months
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  • User Rating 4.8
  • Platform Coursera
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"Make Mindful, Sustainable Food Choices & Cook . Learn strategies and skills for protecting your health and the health of the planet. "

Discover the Food Sustainability, Mindful Eating, and Healthy Cooking Specialization. Learn to make environmentally sustainable food choices, rebuild your relationship with food, and cook using fresh ingredients for health and enjoyment. Join now for a shareable certificate and enhance your mindful eating skills!


In today’s fast-paced world, where convenience often comes at the cost of sustainability, it’s essential to make mindful choices about the food we consume. Enter the “Food Sustainability, Mindful Eating, and Healthy Cooking Specialization,” a comprehensive online course designed to empower individuals with knowledge and skills to make environmentally sustainable food choices, rebuild their relationship with food, and cook using simple, fresh ingredients for health and enjoyment.

Course Overview

Led by the esteemed Maya Adam, MD, this specialization consists of three interconnected courses that delve deep into the world of mindful eating and sustainable food practices. The primary objective of the specialization is to improve learners’ understanding of the intricate relationships between human health, food production, and the environment. By the end of the program, participants will be equipped to evaluate food choices from both a personal health and planetary sustainability standpoint.

What You’ll Gain

Participants in the Food Sustainability, Mindful Eating, and Healthy Cooking Specialization can expect to gain invaluable insights and practical skills. Firstly, learners will develop a profound understanding of how their food choices impact not only their well-being but also the health of the planet. By recognizing the interconnectedness of these two aspects, learners are empowered to make informed decisions about their food consumption.

But the course goes beyond knowledge; it aims to inspire positive behavioral changes. Through stepwise guidance, learners will gradually transition to healthier and more sustainable eating habits. By embracing the principles of mindful eating, dietary moderation, and varied meal composition, participants will foster a lifelong, health-promoting relationship with food.

Practical cooking skills form a crucial component of the specialization. Learners will discover how to prepare scrumptious meals using simple techniques and readily available, fresh ingredients. This aspect not only enhances culinary expertise but also supports health and well-being through nourishing and wholesome meals.

Who This Course is For

The Food Sustainability, Mindful Eating, and Healthy Cooking Specialization caters to anyone seeking to improve their health, protect the environment, and cultivate a positive relationship with food. Whether you’re a complete novice in the realms of food, nutrition, sustainability, mindful eating, or cooking, this course offers an inclusive learning environment that accommodates all skill levels.

This specialization is perfect for health-conscious individuals looking to explore the benefits of sustainable food practices, students interested in environmental protection, and aspiring cooks eager to whip up delicious yet healthful meals.

Getting Started: Beginner Level and Recommended Experience

As a beginner-level course, the specialization assumes no prior knowledge of the subject. All that’s needed is a curious mind and a passion for making a positive impact on the world through food choices.

Course Structure and Duration

The Food Sustainability, Mindful Eating, and Healthy Cooking Specialization offers utmost flexibility to accommodate learners’ busy schedules. The courses are designed to be completed at one’s own pace, providing a stress-free and enjoyable learning experience.

With a recommended commitment of just 2 hours per week, learners can complete the entire specialization in approximately 3 months. This time frame allows for comprehensive knowledge absorption while ensuring minimal disruption to daily routines.

Skills You’ll Gain

The specialization covers five essential categories, each contributing to a well-rounded skill set: mindful eating, sensible shopping, sustainable eating, food mindfulness, and cooking. Through engaging, hands-on projects, learners gain in-demand skills directly from university and industry experts.

Moreover, the courses foster a deep understanding of key concepts, allowing learners to develop subject-matter expertise and apply their newfound knowledge in various contexts.

Shareable Certificate and Career Benefits

Upon successful completion of the specialization, participants will receive a shareable certificate. This accolade can be proudly displayed on LinkedIn profiles, signaling expertise and dedication to sustainable practices and mindful eating.

Moreover, the knowledge and skills acquired through this specialization can be instrumental in career advancement. The certificate from Stanford University stands as a testament to the learner’s commitment to health, environmental protection, and ethical food practices, qualities highly valued in today’s job market.


The Food Sustainability, Mindful Eating, and Healthy Cooking Specialization offers a transformative journey for individuals seeking to make a positive impact on themselves and the world. With expert guidance and practical skills, learners emerge empowered to evaluate their food choices critically, adopt sustainable practices, and create delectable meals that nourish both body and soul.


  1. Q: Is prior cooking experience required to enroll in the specialization?
    A: No, the specialization is designed for learners of all skill levels, including complete beginners in cooking.
  2. Q: Are subtitles available in languages other than English?
    A: Yes, the course offers subtitles in English and Portuguese (Brazilian) for enhanced accessibility.
  3. Q: Can I complete the courses faster than the recommended 3-month duration?
    A: Absolutely! The courses are self-paced, allowing learners to complete them at a faster or slower pace based on individual preferences.
  4. Q: How will this specialization benefit my LinkedIn profile?
    A: The shareable certificate from Stanford University adds credibility and showcases your expertise in mindful eating and sustainable food practices, making your profile stand out to potential employers.
  5. Q: Can I apply the principles learned in the course to my daily life immediately?
    A: Yes, the course is designed to provide actionable insights and practical tips that learners can start applying to their daily routines right away.