Foundations of Digital Marketing and E-commerce

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  • Course Duration 18 hours
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  • User Rating 4.8
  • Platform Coursera
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This is the first of seven courses in the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate, which will equip you with the skills you need to apply to entry-level roles in these fields. People who work in digital marketing and e-commerce help their organizations attract new customers, engage customers through various digital channels, and drive transactions like purchases and customer loyalty. In this course, you’ll explore entry-level jobs in digital marketing and e-commerce and identify the roles and functions that those jobs play within an organization. You’ll also learn about the marketing funnel and how it shapes the customer journey.

Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and e-commerce with the Google Career Certificates course. Gain job-relevant skills, understand marketing strategies, and explore customer outreach. Enroll now to start your career journey!


The world of digital marketing and e-commerce has become increasingly vital for businesses seeking to thrive in the digital age. To meet the growing demand for skilled professionals in this field, Google Career Certificates presents the “Foundations of Digital Marketing & E-commerce” course. With over 521,350 students already enrolled and an impressive 4.8 rating based on 12,321 reviews, this course promises to equip learners with essential skills and knowledge.

Course Overview

Designed by industry experts at Google, this comprehensive course delves into the core principles of digital marketing and e-commerce. It spans approximately 18 hours of engaging content, providing a flexible schedule for learners to progress at their own pace. Divided into four modules, the course sets a strong foundation for those aspiring to excel in these dynamic domains.

What You’ll Gain

Throughout this course, participants will gain valuable insights into the fields of digital marketing and e-commerce. By the end, learners will understand the job responsibilities of entry-level digital marketers and e-commerce specialists. The concept of a marketing funnel, instrumental in guiding customers through the buying process, will be thoroughly explained. Additionally, participants will grasp the crucial elements and goals of an effective digital marketing and e-commerce strategy.

Who This Course is For

Whether you’re a marketing enthusiast, a recent graduate, or a professional seeking to upskill, this course is tailor-made for individuals with a passion for digital marketing and e-commerce. As a beginner-level course, no prior experience is required, making it accessible to anyone eager to explore this exciting field. With a flexible schedule, learners can effortlessly balance their current commitments while mastering the essentials.

The Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate

Upon enrolling in the “Foundations of Digital Marketing & E-commerce” course, learners will also be enrolled in the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate program. This certification offers a shareable badge that can be added to one’s LinkedIn profile, providing an opportunity to showcase newly acquired expertise. The program features quizzes and assessments, enabling participants to assess their progress and apply their skills to real-world scenarios.

Course Content Details

The course commences by exploring the diverse range of digital marketing and e-commerce jobs, shedding light on the roles and functions they play within organizations. Learners will gain an understanding of the customer journey and the significance of journey maps in driving successful campaigns. Throughout the course, Google employees with hands-on experience in the field will guide participants, simulating common tasks and imparting practical knowledge essential for the job market.

How to Prepare for a Career in Digital Marketing & E-commerce

By the course’s conclusion, participants will be equipped with the skills necessary to embark on entry-level roles in digital marketing and e-commerce. The program ensures that previous experience is not a barrier to success, making it an inclusive opportunity for all. Armed with a foundational understanding of the subject matter and practical skills honed through hands-on projects, learners will be well-prepared to pursue their career aspirations.


The “Foundations of Digital Marketing & E-commerce” course by Google Career Certificates serves as an exceptional gateway for individuals seeking to thrive in the digital realm. With an emphasis on job-relevant skills, marketing strategies, and customer outreach, this course promises a fulfilling learning experience. Enroll now and unlock a world of opportunities in digital marketing and e-commerce.


  1. Q: Is previous experience required for this course?
    No, this course is designed for beginners with no prior experience in digital marketing and e-commerce.
  2. Q: How long does it take to complete the course?
    The course spans approximately 18 hours, but learners can progress at their own pace.
  3. Q: What will I gain from earning the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate?
    A: This certificate will showcase your expertise in the field, enhancing your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  4. Q: Are there any quizzes or assessments in the course?
    Yes, there are 12 quizzes and 4 assessments to help you evaluate your progress and knowledge.
  5. Q: Can I access the course content even after completion?
    Yes, learners will have access to the course content even after completing the course, enabling them to review and reinforce their learnings.