Learning Korean Course for Beginners!

  • Created by Tomi Kurata
  • Course Duration 13.5 hours
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Super fun, systematic, and easy-to-understand Korean language course!


Are you eager to explore the fascinating world of Korean language and culture? Look no further! Our “Learning Korean Course for Beginners” is here to take you on an exciting journey of linguistic discovery. Designed to be super fun, systematic, and easy-to-understand, this course promises to make your learning experience an enjoyable one. Whether you have no prior knowledge of Korean or just a little, this course is tailor-made for beginners, ensuring that you gain confidence in speaking, reading, and writing Korean.

Course Overview

What You’ll Gain

In this introductory course, you will acquire the foundational skills to kickstart your Korean learning adventure. You will start with the basics of Korean greetings, letters, and pronunciation, setting a solid foundation for your language journey. As you progress through the beginner-level course, you will dive into vocabulary and grammar using conversational texts, allowing you to practice and reinforce your learning in real-life scenarios.

Who This Course is For

This course is perfect for anyone who has never studied Korean before or wants to brush up on their language skills. If you aspire to achieve TOPIK Level 2 proficiency or wish to understand K-POP lyrics and Korean dramas better, this course is tailored to meet your goals. Even if you’ve tried learning Korean on your own and faced challenges, our systematic approach will ensure your success.

Getting Started with Korean

Basic Korean Greetings, Letters, and Pronunciation

At the outset, you’ll be introduced to the heartwarming world of Korean greetings. Learn how to say “hello,” “thank you,” and other essential phrases that will open doors to communication with native speakers. Discover the unique Korean alphabet, “Hangul,” and master the art of reading and pronouncing Korean letters accurately. With our expert guidance, you’ll be confidently navigating Korean conversations in no time.

Typing on a Smartphone and PC

In today’s digital age, typing on smartphones and PCs is a crucial skill. This course includes step-by-step guidance on typing in Korean, enabling you to text, chat, and write effortlessly in your newfound language. Embrace the convenience of technology as you explore the vast online world of Korean culture and media.

Beginner Level Course: Vocabulary and Grammar

As you delve into the beginner level, you’ll be introduced to an array of essential Korean vocabulary and grammar. Engage in interactive exercises and practical examples that will enhance your language retention and usage. Immerse yourself in conversational texts, learning how to express yourself effectively and naturally in Korean.

Mastering Colloquial Forms (요 form) and Pronunciation Changes

Colloquial forms, known as “요 form,” are an essential aspect of Korean communication. We understand that mastering these forms can be challenging for beginners. Hence, our comprehensive explanation and pronunciation practice will ensure that you overcome this obstacle with ease. Soon, you’ll be confidently conversing with Koreans, understanding news, and connecting with others on social networking sites.

Exploring Grammar: Past, Present, Present Progressive, and Future Tenses

Grammar is the backbone of any language, and Korean is no exception. Our course takes you on a deep dive into various tenses, including past, present, present progressive, and future tenses. With clear explanations and examples, you’ll grasp these concepts effortlessly and apply them in your everyday Korean conversations.

Learning Approximately 80 Grammatical Expressions for TOPIK Level 2

As you advance through the course, you’ll gain proficiency in approximately 80 grammatical expressions required to pass TOPIK Level 2. These expressions form the cornerstone of intermediate Korean, allowing you to communicate with fluency and confidence. Your progress will be closely monitored, ensuring that you reach the desired proficiency level.

Course Conclusion

Your Journey to Fluency

Congratulations on completing this transformative learning journey! From your initial steps in Korean greetings to mastering complex grammatical expressions, you’ve achieved significant milestones. With dedication, practice, and our expert guidance, you’ve laid the foundation for lifelong fluency in the Korean language.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: Are there any prerequisites for joining this course? A: No, this course welcomes learners with no prior knowledge of the Korean language.
  2. Q: What level of Korean proficiency will I reach after completing this course? A: Upon completion, you will have the necessary skills to achieve TOPIK Level 2 proficiency.
  3. Q: Can I communicate effectively with Koreans after taking this course? A: Yes, you will be able to engage in conversations with native speakers and understand K-POP lyrics and Korean dramas.
  4. Q: Is this course suitable for self-study? A: Absolutely! Our systematic approach ensures successful self-learning for motivated individuals.
  5. Q: How does this course differ from other language learning options? A: Our course provides a super fun and comprehensive learning experience, ensuring steady progress and practical application.

Enroll now in our “Learning Korean Course for Beginners” and embark on a journey of language exploration and cultural immersion. Let’s start your Korean adventure today!