Chinese Level 2

Learn the most important Chinese concepts and words to build on and get started speaking and reading Chinese (Mandarin).


Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of Chinese language? If you’ve been curious about learning this fascinating language, we have a game-changing solution that will make the process fun, engaging, and effective. Welcome to our innovative online course – Chinese Level 2! In just a matter of hours, you’ll be speaking, reading, and writing in Chinese with confidence.

Course Overview

Chinese Level 2 introduces a revolutionary approach to language learning. Our course has been carefully designed by foreigners, for foreigners, and is backed by the expertise of our Chinese teachers. Through a series of engaging videos, you’ll dive deep into the fundamental concepts of the language, building a solid foundation for your Chinese journey.

What You’ll Gain

By the end of this course, you’ll achieve much more than basic language skills. You’ll be able to engage in simple conversations, introduce yourself, and grasp the essentials of Chinese grammar and vocabulary. Whether you’re interested in traveling, communication, or expanding your linguistic horizons, this course equips you with the tools you need.

Who This Course is For

Chinese Level 2 is tailored for individuals of all backgrounds and ages who are excited to learn Chinese. Whether you’re a traveler, a language enthusiast, or someone eager to connect with Chinese-speaking communities, this course opens doors for you. No prior experience is required – just a passion for learning and a willingness to explore a new language.

The Uniqueness of Our Approach

What sets our course apart is our innovative approach to teaching. We believe that learning a language should be both logical and enjoyable. Our videos break down complex concepts into bite-sized pieces, making the learning process feel like solving a puzzle. Engaging quizzes between videos keep you on track and reinforce your understanding.

The Logic Behind Chinese Language

Chinese is often described as a logical language, and we’re here to show you why. Through the use of pictograms, Chinese words are formed by combining separate meanings. For instance, the word for electricity (电) combined with brain (脑) forms computer (electric-brain). This logical structure makes learning Chinese an intriguing journey that anyone can embark upon.

Engaging Video-Based Learning

Our course is centered around videos that bring learning to life. Each lesson comprises concise 1-5 minute videos that explain concepts and demonstrate them through real-life dialogues. With an emphasis on practical application, you’ll gain confidence in using the language in various scenarios.

Meet Your Instructor: Felix Lattman

Your guide through this exciting course is none other than Felix Lattman. The founder of Domino Chinese, Felix has a deep understanding of the language and its intricacies. Having learned Chinese himself, he realized the potential for a more effective teaching method. With his expertise and the collaboration of other Chinese teachers, we aim to revolutionize Chinese language education worldwide.


1. How long is the course? Chinese Level 2 comprises 4 lessons, totaling over 2 hours of video content.

2. Do I need prior language experience? No, this course is designed for beginners and requires no prior knowledge of Chinese.

3. How will I practice what I’ve learned? Our course book accompanies the lessons, offering exercises for practice. You can also interact with fellow learners and share your work.

4. What is the teaching style? We emphasize video-based learning, breaking down concepts and demonstrating them through real interactions.

5. How do I know if I’m progressing? Quizzes between videos ensure you’ve grasped each concept before moving forward, keeping you engaged and confident.

Embark on an enriching journey of language and culture with Chinese Level 2. Join us today and discover a new way to learn, connect, and explore with confidence!