Let’s Draw a Save the Planet Illustration in Procreate

  • Created by Kristina Hultkrantz
  • Course Duration 1h 30m
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Welcome to Let's Draw a Save the Planet Illustration in Procreate and Make Changes for a Sustainable Future! In this class we will be drawing a Save the Planet illustration for social media together and I will also be sharing 5 huge tips/tasks to reduce your carbon emissions drastically

Join Kristina Hultkrantz’s transformative course and learn to create eco-conscious illustrations in Procreate. Discover the art of making a difference while honing your skills. Enroll now!


In the realm of creativity, few endeavors carry the weight of responsibility quite like sustainable illustration. Imagine wielding your artistic prowess not just for aesthetic appeal, but for a cause that resonates with the very future of our planet. Enter Kristina Hultkrantz’s groundbreaking online course, “Let’s Draw a Save the Planet Illustration in Procreate and Make Changes for a Sustainable Future.” This is more than an artistic journey; it’s a movement that harnesses the transformative power of art to champion environmental stewardship.

Course Overview

With a total of 8 lessons spanning an enriching 1 hour and 30 minutes, this course isn’t just about honing your creative abilities; it’s about cultivating a deeper connection with the environment. Hultkrantz, an industry luminary, has crafted a curriculum that merges artistry and advocacy. The course’s impressive enrollment of 94 students reflects the universal appeal of creative activism.

What You’ll Gain

Participating in this course goes beyond mastering Procreate’s tools and techniques; it’s about gaining insights that hold the potential to shape a better world. As you sketch, layer colors, and add textures to your illustration, you’re simultaneously building a bridge between art and sustainability. The profound value lies in creating art that echoes beyond canvas, leaving an indelible mark on minds and hearts.

Who This Course is For

Whether you’re a seasoned illustrator, budding artist, or surface designer, this course beckons you. The beauty lies in its inclusivity—it’s open to all skill levels. The canvas becomes a platform for engagement, allowing artists of varied backgrounds to unite in a common cause. If the climate crisis tugs at your conscience and your creativity, this course provides the conduit to express both.

The Urgency of the Climate Crisis

The urgency of this course echoes the urgency of our times. With the reverberations of the 6th IPCC report echoing in our ears, we are reminded that the Earth’s plight is not an abstract concept but an imminent reality. Hultkrantz’s course crystallizes the responsibility each artist bears—to lend their talents to the call for change. It’s a rallying cry to convert creativity into action.

Creating a Save the Planet Illustration

In the heart of this course lies a transformative project: designing your own Save the Planet Illustration. Inspired by Hultkrantz’s guidance, you’ll sketch, layer colors, add textures, and infuse it with simple hand lettering. The process transcends mere artistic expression; it’s an act of visualization, a symbol of change, and a beacon of hope. It’s about nurturing nature through art.

Embracing Sustainability Through Art

Art has the power to cross barriers, spark conversations, and transform perspectives. When harnessed for sustainability, it becomes a force for remarkable change. Each brushstroke becomes a testament to our commitment to safeguarding the planet. The course beckons artists to embrace their role as advocates, letting their art tell stories that the world needs to hear.

Enroll Now: Join the Movement

As you stand on the precipice of possibility, there’s no better time to enroll in this course. It’s an invitation to be part of a movement where creativity is the catalyst for change. A movement that arms you with skills while nourishing your sense of responsibility. Let your art be more than aesthetics—let it be a force for a sustainable future. Enroll now and let your artistic journey transcend canvas and contribute to a planet in need.


  • Q: Is this course suitable for beginners?
    • A: Absolutely! This course caters to all skill levels, ensuring everyone can contribute to the movement for a sustainable future.
  • Q: What if I’m not familiar with Procreate?
    • A: Don’t worry! While Procreate is one medium, the course’s lessons transcend software, focusing on technique and vision.
  • Q: Can I adapt the illustration project to my style?
    • A: Yes! While Kristina’s project is inspiring, feel free to infuse your unique flair. Remember to credit her if you draw inspiration directly.
  • Q: How can I share my project on social media?
    • A: Once your illustration is complete, save it as a JPEG and share it on your social platforms. Tag Kristina so she can celebrate your work!
  • Q: How can art truly impact the environment?
    • A: Art has a profound ability to raise awareness and inspire action. This course empowers you to leverage your creativity for positive change.

In a world seeking both artistic brilliance and environmental redemption, Kristina Hultkrantz’s course offers a resounding answer—a creative endeavor that blends skill, vision, and purpose. Join the movement, enroll today, and let your art become an instrument for change. Together, let’s craft a sustainable future, one brushstroke at a time.