Environmentalism for Beginners: How to live sustainable & eco-friendly

"Tasmin Hansmann, an environmentalist and author, usually gives writing and poetry classes on Skillshare. She has written and published three books: The poetry collections The Anatomy of Waves and The Eloquence of Hurricanes, which deal with the looming climate crisis, belonging, friendship and heartbreak"

Discover the ultimate guide to sustainable living in our Environmentalism for Beginners online course. Join Tasmin Hansmann and learn practical steps to become an eco-friendly ally for the planet. Enroll now to make a positive impact!


In an era where the fate of our planet hangs in the balance, embracing sustainability has transcended being a choice and become a necessity. Are you ready to embark on a journey that transforms you into an eco-friendly advocate for our environment? Look no further than the “Environmentalism for Beginners: How to Live Sustainable & Eco-Friendly” course – a gateway to a greener, more conscientious lifestyle.

Course Overview

Navigate the complexities of sustainability with Tasmin Hansmann, an accomplished environmentalist and author. This 40-minute online class is a stepping stone towards understanding and implementing eco-friendly practices in your daily life. Through a series of insightful lessons, you’ll not only comprehend the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of environmentalism but also gain practical advice on becoming an ally for our planet.

What You’ll Gain

By enrolling in this course, you’re not just signing up for knowledge; you’re embarking on a transformative journey. Imagine having the tools to translate your concern for the environment into actionable change. You’ll discover how small actions, when multiplied, create a profound impact on our world. Get ready to be equipped with the skills to make a difference – one conscious choice at a time.

Who This Course is For

Whether you’re grappling with climate anxiety or simply seeking to ignite positive change, this course is tailored to suit every individual’s journey. From beginners to those well-versed in environmentalism, this course is your roadmap to being an active participant in nurturing our planet.

Embrace Sustainability: Why It Matters

Before delving into the lessons, it’s crucial to grasp the significance of environmentalism. Our planet is at a crossroads, and each decision we make shapes its future. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a responsibility that falls upon us all. Imagine a world where every action you take contributes to a healthier Earth – that’s the power of sustainability.

Unveiling the Curriculum: Exploring Lessons

The course is divided into engaging modules that cater to both novices and seasoned environmentalists. From understanding the foundational importance of environmentalism to the practicalities of implementing sustainable practices in your daily routine, each lesson is designed to empower you.

Guided by an Expert: Meet Tasmin Hansmann

Tasmin Hansmann, a prolific environmentalist and author, brings her expertise to the forefront of this course. With a passion for sustainability and an impressive literary portfolio, Tasmin’s guidance will lead you through the complexities of becoming an eco-friendly ally.

Enrollment and Empowerment: Getting Started

Enrolling in the “Environmentalism for Beginners” course is your first step towards transformation. Visit the course website to access a wealth of knowledge that will empower you to make informed decisions for the planet. As you progress through the course, you’ll discover that your journey towards sustainable living is also a journey towards personal growth.

Answers to Your FAQs

Q: Can I take this course as a beginner?

A: Absolutely! This course caters to learners at all levels, making it accessible to those new to environmentalism.

Q: Is there a time limit for completing the course?

A: No, you’ll have unlimited access to the course material, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Q: Can I interact with the instructor and fellow learners?

A: Yes, the course platform encourages interaction and community building, enhancing your learning experience.

Q: Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

A: Yes, upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate to acknowledge your commitment to eco-friendly living.

Q: How can I implement what I learn in the course?

A: The course offers practical advice and actionable steps that you can seamlessly incorporate into your daily life.


In a world that yearns for positive change, taking a stand for the environment transcends ideology – it becomes a necessity. The “Environmentalism for Beginners” course, helmed by Tasmin Hansmann, empowers you to become an advocate for our planet. Enroll now and embrace a journey that not only shapes a more sustainable world but also nurtures personal growth. Step into a realm where your actions echo for generations, and together, let’s sculpt a greener future.