Workplace Communication: You Can Speak Up at Meetings!

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  • Course Duration 29 hours
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You Can Learn to Speak up At Anytime Knowing how To Look and Sound Your Best in Meetings


In the dynamic world of business, effective workplace communication is a crucial skill that can set individuals apart and pave the way for professional success. Imagine being able to speak up confidently and eloquently in meetings, capturing the attention of your colleagues and leaving a lasting impression. With the Workplace Communication course, you can unlock your potential and master the art of confident communication. This article delves into the course’s key components and highlights the benefits of enrolling in this transformative program.

Course Overview

The Workplace Communication course is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills to speak up effectively in meetings. This course adopts a practical approach, focusing on physical habits and real-life scenarios. Through a series of spoken lectures, you will learn techniques to express yourself clearly, hide nervousness, and engage your audience. By enrolling in this course, you are embarking on a journey toward becoming great at all aspects of business communication.

What You’ll Gain

By completing the Workplace Communication course, you will acquire a range of invaluable skills that will empower you to excel in your professional life. First and foremost, you will develop the ability to speak up confidently in meetings, ensuring your ideas are heard and valued. Furthermore, the course will help you project confidence and authority when speaking in front of others, leaving a lasting impression on your colleagues. You will also learn techniques to gather your thoughts quickly, enabling you to offer impromptu comments with ease. Finally, the course will guide you on how to ensure your messages are heard and understood, fostering effective communication within the workplace.

Who This Course is For

The Workplace Communication course is suitable for a wide range of individuals who participate in meetings but lack the confidence to express themselves fully. Whether you’re a professional seeking to enhance your communication skills or someone who experiences nervousness when speaking up, this course is tailored to your needs. It provides practical strategies and exercises to help you overcome barriers and speak up with clarity and confidence.

Why Workplace Communication Matters

Effective workplace communication plays a pivotal role in personal and professional growth. It is the foundation for building strong relationships, fostering teamwork, and driving success. When you can articulate your ideas confidently and communicate effectively with your colleagues, you create a positive impact on your career advancement. By enrolling in the Workplace Communication course, you are taking a proactive step toward improving your communication skills and unlocking your full potential.

Key Skills Covered in the Course

The Workplace Communication course offers a comprehensive curriculum that addresses key skills essential for successful communication in the workplace. Throughout the program, you will develop the following skills:

1. Speaking up confidently in meetings: Learn techniques to overcome self-doubt and express your thoughts assertively in various meeting scenarios.

2. Strategies to overcome nervousness: Discover practical strategies to manage and overcome nervousness, enabling you to speak up with composure and confidence.

3. Preparing in advance for effective contributions: Gain insights into effective preparation techniques to ensure you are ready to contribute meaningfully to meetings.

4. Ensuring effective audibility and understanding: Learn how to deliver your messages clearly, ensuring that your colleagues can hear and understand your points effectively.

Learning through Practical Exercises

To master the skills taught in the Workplace Communication course, practical exercises play a crucial role. Recognizing that workplace communication is a skill that requires physical habits, the course emphasizes the importance of practice and self-improvement. Through video recording exercises, you will have the opportunity to observe and analyze your own performance. By engaging in self-critiquing and improvement techniques, you will refine your presentation skills, just as one learns to ride a bicycle—through practice and persistence.

Instructor’s Expertise and Teaching Methodology

The Workplace Communication course is led by TJ Walker, a highly regarded presentation skills coach with three decades of experience. TJ Walker has coached and trained CEOs, Fortune 500 executives, and even Presidents of countries. Through this course, he brings his expertise and high-quality training to a wider audience at an affordable price. The teaching methodology emphasizes practical application, ensuring that you gain the skills needed to succeed in workplace communication.

Course Content and Duration

The Workplace Communication course offers a wealth of content to support your learning journey. It includes 29 hours of on-demand video lectures, providing comprehensive insights into the strategies and techniques necessary for effective workplace communication. In addition to the video lectures, the course offers supplementary articles and downloadable resources, enriching your training library. With full lifetime access, you can learn at your own pace and revisit the course materials whenever you need a refresher.


FAQ 1: How long does the course take?

  • The duration of the Workplace Communication course varies depending on individual progress and practice time. The course is designed to accommodate your schedule, allowing you to learn at a comfortable pace.

FAQ 2: Can I see immediate improvements in my communication skills?

  • Yes, by consistently practicing the techniques and strategies taught in the course, you can experience significant improvements in your communication skills. Remember, practice and application are key to mastering workplace communication.

FAQ 3: What if I am uncomfortable recording myself on video?

  • Overcoming discomfort is an integral part of the learning process. The course provides guidance and support to help you become more comfortable with video recording and self-analysis. Embracing this aspect of the course will accelerate your progress and development.

FAQ 4: Is there a money-back guarantee?

  • Yes, the Workplace Communication course offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. We are confident in the value and effectiveness of the course and strive for your utmost satisfaction.

FAQ 5: Can this course benefit individuals with advanced communication skills?

  • Absolutely! The Workplace Communication course offers valuable insights and techniques for individuals at all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or possess advanced communication skills, this course will enhance your abilities and provide new perspectives on workplace communication.


Mastering workplace communication is a vital skill that can open doors to new opportunities and propel your career forward. The Workplace Communication course equips you with the tools and techniques needed to speak up confidently and effectively in meetings. By enrolling in this course, you are investing in your professional growth and ensuring your voice is heard. Sign up today and embark on a transformative journey toward becoming a skilled communicator in the workplace. Enroll now and unlock your potential!