Complete Windows Server Administration Course

  • Created by Imran Afzal
  • Course Duration 14.5 hours
  • Price USD$1.799.000 VND
  • User Rating 4.6
  • Platform Udemy
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Installation and configuration of Domain Controller, Active Directory, DNS, WebServer (IIS), Group Policy, WSUS and more


  • Why Windows Server Administration is essential in today’s IT landscape
  • Overview of the Complete Windows Server Administration Course
  • The benefits of enrolling in this comprehensive online course

Course Overview

  • Understanding the structure and organization of the course
  • Detailed breakdown of the topics covered in each module
  • Overview of hands-on exercises, quizzes, and homework assignments

What You’ll Gain

  • In-depth knowledge of Windows Server installation and configuration
  • Proficiency in managing Active Directory, DNS, and Group Policy
  • Skills in setting up and managing web servers, FTP servers, and WSUS
  • Expertise in system administration, networking, and storage management

Who This Course is For

  • IT professionals looking to enhance their Windows Server skills
  • Beginners interested in starting a career in IT with a focus on Windows administration
  • Students who want to gain a solid foundation in Windows Server management
  • Anyone aiming to advance their current IT career by mastering Windows Server

Module 1: Understanding Microsoft Windows

  • What is Windows and its different versions
  • Microsoft’s background and product portfolio
  • Market share of Windows and its comparison with Linux and MAC

Module 2: Setting up a Lab

  • Introduction to Oracle Virtual Box
  • Installing and configuring Oracle Virtual Box
  • Creating the first virtual machine for hands-on practice

Module 3: Windows Installation and Configuration

  • Different methods to install Windows Server 2016
  • Downloading and installing Windows Server 2016
  • Adding system resources and configuring hostname
  • Overview of Windows Server GUI and its key features

Module 4: System Access and File System

  • Accessing Windows systems and navigating the file system
  • Understanding file types, properties, and operations
  • File maintenance and editing shortcuts
  • Tips and tricks for efficient file system management

Module 5: System Administration

  • User account management and elevating user roles
  • Monitoring user activity and managing system utilities
  • Resource monitoring, event logs, and system maintenance
  • Installing and uninstalling programs and applications

Module 6: Advanced Windows Administration

  • Understanding roles and features in Windows
  • Configuring Domain Controller and Active Directory
  • DNS administration and Web Server (IIS) installation
  • Group Policy management and virtual technology configuration

Module 7: Windows Scripting and Command Line

  • Introduction to Windows batch scripting
  • Automating tasks using scripts and Windows PowerShell
  • Difference between DOS and PowerShell commands

Module 8: Networking and System Updates

  • Configuring network interfaces and enabling internet access
  • Network configuration and Windows updates
  • File transfer methods and FTP server installation
  • Windows Firewall configuration and WSUS server management

Module 9: Storage Management

  • Understanding computer storage and different types
  • Adding and extending disks, disk cleanup, and defragmentation
  • Introduction to RAID and Windows backup and restore

Module 10: Additional Resources

  • Exploring the field of Information Technology (IT)
  • IT components, management jobs, and career insights
  • Resume and interview workshops for IT professionals
  • Additional resources and recommended tools for Windows administration


  • Recap of the Complete Windows Server Administration Course
  • The value of gaining expertise in Windows Server administration
  • Take the next step in your IT career by enrolling in the course today


  1. What are the prerequisites for enrolling in this course?
    • Answer: This course requires a Windows or MAC computer with specific hardware specifications and internet access.
  2. Can beginners with no prior IT experience enroll in this course?
    • Answer: Absolutely! This course is designed to cater to beginners as well as IT professionals looking to advance their skills.
  3. How will this course benefit my career in IT?
    • Answer: Mastering Windows Server Administration is crucial for various IT roles, and this course provides the knowledge and skills needed to excel in those roles.
  4. Are there any hands-on exercises and assessments in this course?
    • Answer: Yes, the course includes quizzes, homework assignments, and hands-on exercises to reinforce your learning experience.
  5. How long will I have access to the course materials?
    • Answer: Upon enrollment, you’ll receive full lifetime access to the course, allowing you to revisit the materials anytime in the future.

Take the first step towards becoming a Windows Server Administration expert. Enroll in the Complete Windows Server Administration Course today and unlock your potential in the world of IT!