21 Day Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence: Transform Your Relationships

  • Created by Dr. Patricia Thompson
  • Course Duration 3.5 hours
  • Price USD$1,499,000 VND
  • User Rating 4.6
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Increase your E.Q. and transform your relationships with psychologist and author, Dr. Patricia Thompson.

Are you tired of struggling with conflicts in your relationships? Do you wish you had the skills to enhance your personal and professional connections? If so, the 21 Day Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence is here to help you transform your relationships and increase your emotional intelligence.

Led by renowned psychologist and author, Dr. Patricia Thompson, this comprehensive course is designed to provide you with the tools and strategies to improve your emotional intelligence and build stronger, more fulfilling relationships in just three weeks.

Course Overview

The 21 Day Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence is a carefully crafted program that combines 3.5 hours of on-demand video lessons with 4 downloadable resources, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience. The course is accessible on both mobile and TV devices, ensuring that you can engage with the material whenever and wherever you choose.

What You’ll Gain

Emotional intelligence is a crucial quality for success in all areas of life, whether personal or professional. In this course, you will learn to define emotional intelligence and understand why it is vital for building strong relationships. Dr. Patricia Thompson will guide you through the four key aspects of emotional intelligence, providing practical strategies to increase your self-awareness, manage your emotions, and enhance your communication skills.

By the end of the 21-day course, you will have the necessary tools to better understand others’ personalities, increase your empathy, and navigate conflicts effectively. Whether you aspire to be a better leader or simply want to improve your relationships, this course will equip you with the skills to achieve your goals.

Who This Course is For

The 21 Day Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence is designed for anyone who desires to enhance their relationships at work and at home. Whether you are a professional seeking to improve your leadership abilities or an individual looking to strengthen personal connections, this course is for you.

To make the most of this course, it is recommended that you approach it with an open mind and a willingness to engage in the practical assignments provided. Emotional intelligence is best learned through practice, and each lesson offers an assignment to reinforce your learning.

Course Benefits and Features

Numerous studies have shown that emotional intelligence is a key factor in workplace success, particularly in leadership positions. By developing your emotional intelligence, you can improve your decision-making skills, motivate and influence others, and create a positive work environment.

In personal relationships, emotional intelligence leads to deeper connections, increased empathy, and better conflict management. By enrolling in the 21 Day Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence, you are investing in your personal growth and the enhancement of your relationships.

The course is structured into easily digestible lessons, each designed to be completed within a day. Dr. Patricia Thompson’s engaging teaching style and practical assignments ensure that you can immediately apply what you learn to your everyday life. Additionally, a downloadable workbook is provided to accompany the course, enabling you to track your progress and reflect on your personal growth throughout the 21-day journey.

Course Curriculum

Over the course of 21 days, you will explore various topics related to emotional intelligence, gradually building your knowledge and skills. The curriculum covers the following areas:

  • Day 1: Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • Day 2: Self-Awareness and Personality
  • Day 3: Managing Your Emotions
  • Day 4: Understanding Others’ Personalities
  • Day 5: Building Better Relationships through Communication
  • Day 6: Conflict Management and Resolution
  • Day 7: Motivating and Influencing Others
  • Day 8: Applying Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Each lesson is carefully designed to provide you with practical insights, real-life examples, and actionable strategies to implement in your relationships.

Course Structure

The 21 Day Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence consists of a series of video lessons led by Dr. Patricia Thompson. These lessons are supplemented with downloadable resources that complement the course material and aid in your learning journey.

The course adopts a hands-on approach, encouraging you to reflect on your experiences and apply the concepts covered. Through the daily homework assignments, you will have the opportunity to practice emotional intelligence and witness its transformative effects on your relationships.

Testimonials and Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it! Thousands of students have already experienced the benefits of the 21 Day Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence. Here are some of their testimonials:

  • “This course has completely transformed the way I approach relationships. I feel more self-aware and capable of managing conflicts. Thank you, Dr. Patricia Thompson!” – Sarah J.
  • “The lessons were concise yet packed with valuable insights. I have seen a significant improvement in my leadership skills since taking this course.” – Mark T.
  • “I was skeptical at first, but this course exceeded my expectations. The practical assignments helped me apply emotional intelligence in real-life situations.” – Emily R.

Join our growing community of students who have unlocked the power of emotional intelligence and experienced profound changes in their relationships.

Enroll Now and Start Your Transformation

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and relationship transformation? Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your emotional intelligence and build deeper connections.

To enroll in the 21 Day Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence, simply visit our course website and sign up today. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion as a testament to your commitment to personal growth and relationship enhancement.

Take the first step towards a more fulfilling and emotionally intelligent life. Enroll now and unlock your true relationship potential!


Q: Can I access the course on my mobile device? A: Absolutely! The 21 Day Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence is accessible on both mobile and TV devices, allowing you to learn anytime and anywhere.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for this course? A: No prerequisites are required. This course is designed to be accessible to anyone interested in improving their emotional intelligence and relationships.

Q: How much time should I allocate for this course? A: The course is designed to be completed within 21 days, with each day focusing on a specific topic. On average, you should allocate around 30 minutes to an hour per day for optimal engagement and application of the concepts.

Q: Will I receive a certificate upon completion? A: Yes, upon successfully completing the 21 Day Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence, you will receive a certificate of completion to showcase your achievement.

Q: Can I share this course with my team or colleagues? A: Absolutely! If you are interested in enrolling a group of five or more people, we offer team access to the course. Contact our support team for more information on group enrollment.

Take the leap and invest in your personal and professional relationships today. Enroll in the 21 Day Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence and unlock your true relationship potential.