3 Minute French – Course 1 | Language lessons for beginners

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  • Course Duration 6 hours
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Learn to speak French you can use in everyday real-world situations - all in just 3-minute chunks!

In the bustling world we live in, finding the time and motivation to learn a new language can be challenging. However, fear not, as Kieran, an experienced language teacher, has revolutionized the language learning experience with his 3 Minute French course. Designed to be accessible to beginners and those who have struggled with language learning in the past, this course offers a simple and effective approach to mastering French in just three-minute chunks.

Meet Kieran, Your Expert Language Teacher

Kieran, the mastermind behind 3 Minute French, has dedicated over eighteen years to teaching foreign languages. His passion for languages, combined with his love for teaching, has culminated in the creation of this groundbreaking course. With Kieran as your guide, you’ll embark on a language journey that is both enjoyable and rewarding.

The Unique Approach of 3 Minute French

Unlike traditional language courses that bombard you with complex rules and phrases, 3 Minute French takes a different approach. It focuses on teaching you the most useful words and phrases right from the start. By breaking down the French language into bite-sized chunks, Kieran ensures that you can quickly understand and apply what you’ve learned.

Bite-Sized Lessons for Optimal Learning

The cornerstone of the 3 Minute French course is its three-minute lessons. These short and focused sessions allow you to maintain enthusiasm and stay motivated throughout your language learning journey. By committing just three minutes a day, you can make consistent progress and develop a habit of learning that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Building Sentences from Tiny Chunks

In each lesson, you’ll learn a tiny chunk of French that serves as the building block for constructing sentences. As you progress through the course, these chunks are carried forward, enabling you to gradually expand your vocabulary and sentence-building skills. The repetitive nature of the course ensures that the words and phrases become ingrained in your memory, making language recall effortless.

Practical and Effective Language Skills

The lessons in 3 Minute French are practical and effective, equipping you with the language skills you can immediately apply in real-world situations. Whether you’re traveling to a French-speaking country or simply engaging with French speakers, this course empowers you to communicate comfortably and confidently. From greetings to ordering food and drinks, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate various everyday scenarios.

Vocabulary Expansion Sheets for Enhanced Comprehension

To further enhance your French comprehension, the course provides Vocabulary Expansion Sheets. These valuable resources contain carefully curated vocabulary related to specific topics such as food and drink, as well as numbers. By utilizing these sheets, you can enrich your vocabulary and deepen your understanding of the French language.

Speak French Comfortably and Confidently

The ultimate goal of 3 Minute French is to enable you to speak French with confidence and comfort. Through the course’s progressive structure, you’ll develop the ability to understand spoken French and respond appropriately. Whether you’re conversing with locals or expressing your opinions, you’ll possess the linguistic skills to engage in meaningful conversations.

Understand and Respond in French

With Kieran’s guidance, you’ll grasp the structure and grammar of the French language effortlessly. The course provides clear explanations without overwhelming you with confusing terminology. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to comprehend French sentences and formulate your own responses accurately.

Stand Out as a Knowledgeable Traveler

Are you planning a trip to France or any other French-speaking country? Imagine the satisfaction of confidently communicating with the locals, ordering food and drinks, and immersing yourself in the culture. 3 Minute French equips you with the essential language skills to become more than just an average tourist. Immerse yourself in the local experience and create memorable moments during your travels.

Rapid Progress from Beginner to Sentence Builder

As a complete beginner, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of learning a new language. However, with 3 Minute French, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you progress. From the very first lesson, you’ll begin constructing your own sentences. By building upon the foundational knowledge acquired in each lesson, your sentences will gradually become more complex and fluent.

Build a Solid Base Vocabulary for Real-World Use

Vocabulary forms the foundation of any language, and 3 Minute French ensures you have a solid base of words and phrases at your disposal. The course introduces you to practical vocabulary that you can immediately utilize in real-world contexts. By mastering these words, you’ll be equipped to navigate everyday situations with ease.

Master Grammar and Linguistic Features with Ease

Grammar often intimidates language learners, but fear not, as 3 Minute French makes it a breeze. Kieran breaks down grammatical concepts into easily understandable morsels, allowing you to grasp and apply them effortlessly. From verb conjugations to sentence structure, you’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of the French language.

Express Opinions and Descriptions in French

One of the most exciting aspects of learning a language is the ability to express your thoughts and opinions. With 3 Minute French, you’ll acquire the skills necessary to give your opinions and describe various aspects of daily life in French. Whether you’re discussing your favorite activities or expressing preferences, you’ll gain the confidence to engage in meaningful conversations.

Engage with Locals in French-Speaking Countries

Traveling to a foreign country is a thrilling experience, and 3 Minute French ensures you make the most of it. By learning the language, you can connect with locals on a deeper level, gain insights into the culture, and forge authentic connections. Engaging with the locals in their native language opens doors to unique experiences that go beyond the typical tourist attractions.

Order Food and Drinks in French

Sampling local cuisine is an integral part of any travel experience. With 3 Minute French, you’ll master the art of ordering food and drinks in French. From deciphering menus to confidently communicating your preferences, you’ll savor the delights of French gastronomy like a seasoned connoisseur. Unlock a world of flavors and immerse yourself in the culinary delights of French-speaking countries.

Develop Pronunciation Skills in French

The melodious sounds of the French language are captivating. With 3 Minute French, you’ll not only learn the vocabulary and grammar but also develop impeccable pronunciation. Kieran’s expert guidance ensures you grasp the nuances of French phonetics, allowing you to speak with clarity and finesse. Impress native speakers with your impeccable pronunciation and immerse yourself in the beauty of the French language.

The Power of 3 Minutes

You may be wondering why the lessons in 3 Minute French are specifically designed to be three minutes long. The answer lies in the power of maintaining enthusiasm, studying consistently, and improving memory retention.

Maintaining Enthusiasm for Consistent Learning

Learning anything new requires enthusiasm, and language learning is no exception. By limiting each study session to just three minutes, you’ll keep your French learning fresh and exciting. Unlike longer study sessions that can quickly become monotonous, these short bursts of learning will keep you eager to learn more.

Studying More Frequently and Regularly

Consistency is key when it comes to language learning. It’s far more effective to study for three minutes every day than to cram for hours once a week. Finding three minutes in your daily routine is achievable, even during the busiest of schedules. By dedicating a few minutes each day, you’ll establish a habit that will propel your learning forward.

Boosting Memory Retention and Recall

Memory retention plays a crucial role in language learning. Surprisingly, studying for just three minutes every day helps your brain retain information more effectively. Your brain recognizes the importance of information that it encounters daily, even if the exposure is brief. By limiting your study time to short chunks, you’ll be amazed at how much more easily you remember and recall the language.

A Method that Really Works

With over 500,000 learners in more than 200 countries, 3 Minute French has garnered immense popularity worldwide. Countless success stories from learners in diverse locations confirm the effectiveness of the course. Kieran’s simple and fun methodology has enabled learners to break through language barriers and achieve their language learning goals.

Unlock Your Language Learning Potential

Are you ready to embark on a language learning adventure? 3 Minute French is your ticket to unlocking your full potential in speaking French. Join thousands of satisfied students who have experienced the joy and confidence that comes with mastering a new language. Sign up for the course today and unleash the power of 3 Minute French.


Learning a new language is an enriching experience that opens doors to new cultures, opportunities, and connections. With the 3 Minute French course, language learning has never been more accessible and enjoyable. Through bite-sized lessons, practical vocabulary, and a supportive learning environment, you’ll quickly gain the skills needed to communicate confidently in French. Start your language journey today and embark on an adventure that will expand your horizons in ways you never thought possible.


Q1: How long does it take to complete the 3 Minute French course? A1: The course is designed to be flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace. With regular three-minute study sessions, you can progress steadily and start speaking French confidently in a matter of weeks.

Q2: Do I need any prior knowledge of French to enroll in the course? A2: No prior knowledge of French is required. The course is designed for complete beginners, making it accessible to anyone with a desire to learn the language.

Q3: Can I access the course materials on my mobile device? A3: Yes, the course materials are accessible on both mobile devices and TVs. Learn French anytime, anywhere, and adapt your language learning to fit your lifestyle.

Q4: Will I receive a certificate of completion after finishing the course? A4: Yes, upon successfully completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion. Showcase your language skills and celebrate your achievements.

Q5: Can I enroll multiple people in the 3 Minute French course? A5: Absolutely! If you’re interested in enrolling a group of five or more people, you can take advantage of group enrollment options. Access top-quality language learning for your team and enhance their linguistic abilities.