FL Studio – Music Production + Mixing Music -Complete Course

  • Created by Tomas George, Ian Alexander, Digital Music Masters
  • Course Duration 25 hours
  • Price USD$1.799.000 VND
  • User Rating 4.6
  • Platform Udemy
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Learn Music Production in FL Studio for Mac + PC for Recording, Editing, Composing, Mixing and Mastering in FL Studio


Opening up FL Studio can be quite intimidating for beginners. With its plethora of features and complex interface, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to begin. However, fear not! This article will introduce you to a comprehensive online course that will help you conquer FL Studio and unlock your full music production potential.

Course Overview

To make music in FL Studio, you need a solid understanding of its interface and workflow. The course starts by familiarizing you with these fundamentals, ensuring a strong foundation for your music production journey. Additionally, you’ll learn how to set up your audio interface and MIDI device, enabling you to seamlessly connect your instruments and gear to FL Studio.

What You’ll Gain

Throughout the course, you’ll gain invaluable skills and knowledge that will transform you into a proficient music producer. You’ll discover how to record and edit MIDI, giving you full control over your virtual instruments. Furthermore, you’ll learn techniques for recording and editing audio, enabling you to capture high-quality vocals and real instruments.

Crafting beats is a crucial aspect of music production, and this course will guide you through the process step-by-step. You’ll explore different synths such as FLEX, 3x Osc, and Simsynth, unleashing your creativity and expanding your sonic possibilities. In addition, you’ll dive into FL Studio’s unique plugin, Edison, which offers powerful audio manipulation capabilities.

The course also covers essential MIDI processors like the arpeggiator, allowing you to add rhythmic and melodic complexity to your compositions. You’ll master compression and EQ, acquiring the skills to shape and enhance the sound of your tracks. Additionally, you’ll delve into the art of mixing, learning techniques to achieve professional-quality results.

Mastering is the final step in the music production process, and this course will demystify the techniques required to make your tracks shine. You’ll understand the intricacies of exporting your music, ensuring it sounds great on any platform or device. Moreover, you’ll gain a solid foundation in music theory and learn effective songwriting and lyric writing techniques.

Creating music is a multisensory experience, and the course also explores the importance of optimizing your listening environment. You’ll learn about monitors, headphones, and room treatment, ensuring accurate sound reproduction and an immersive music production environment.

Who This Course is For

This course caters to a wide range of individuals who are passionate about music production and FL Studio. Whether you’re an aspiring music producer, a songwriter looking to enhance your ideas, or a DJ eager to start producing your own music, this course is designed to meet your needs. It’s also suitable for musicians seeking to deepen their knowledge of FL Studio and individuals interested in synthesizers and music theory.

Meet Your Instructors

In this course, you’ll be guided by two highly qualified instructors: Tomas George and Ian Alexander. Tomas holds an MMus Masters Degree in Music Production and a BA(Hons) Degree in Music Composition. With over 300,000 students, his music production courses are highly regarded worldwide. Ian Alexander, on the other hand, has an MA Masters Degree in Music Production and a BA(Hons) Degree in Music Production. As a professional audio and mastering engineer, Ian brings years of experience using multiple DAWs to the table. Together, Tomas and Ian have been creating music production courses since 2016, receiving numerous 5-star reviews.

Course Details and Structure

This comprehensive course consists of 25 hours of on-demand video content that you can access at your convenience. Additionally, you’ll have access to 34 articles and 21 downloadable resources, providing supplementary materials to enhance your learning experience. The course is accessible on both mobile and TV platforms, allowing you to learn anytime and anywhere. Once enrolled, you’ll enjoy full lifetime access to the course materials, ensuring continuous learning and growth. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate certifying your accomplishment.

Why Choose This FL Studio Course

Don’t just take our word for it—let the testimonials from satisfied students speak for themselves. The personalized support and prompt assistance provided by the instructors ensure that your questions and concerns are addressed promptly. Tomas and Ian are qualified instructors with real-world experience, providing you with practical insights and industry-relevant knowledge. The comprehensive curriculum of this course covers all the essential aspects of music production, ensuring that you develop a well-rounded skill set.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What version of FL Studio is required for this course? To fully benefit from this course, it is recommended to have FL Studio 20 or above, preferably the Producer edition.

Q2: Can I benefit from this course without prior music theory skills? Absolutely! While basic music theory skills are desirable, they are not necessary to enroll in this course. You’ll learn music theory essentials as part of the curriculum.

Q3: How will this course improve my music production skills? By following this course, you will develop a deep understanding of FL Studio and gain practical skills in recording, editing, composing, mixing, and mastering. These skills will significantly enhance the quality and efficiency of your music production.

Q4: Can I access the course materials on multiple devices? Yes, you can access the course materials on mobile and TV platforms, allowing you to learn from your preferred devices.

Q5: What support can I expect during the course? If you have any questions about the course content or music production in general, the instructors will promptly provide personalized support and assistance.

In conclusion, if you’ve always wanted to make music in FL Studio but didn’t know where to begin, this comprehensive course is the perfect starting point. Enroll today and embark on an exciting journey to unleash your creativity and produce professional-quality music. Click the enroll button and join Tomas, Ian, and a community of music enthusiasts in lesson one. Cheers to your musical endeavors!