Master the Art of Color Grading with Davinci Resolve 15: Calibration Course

  • Created by Movie VFX
  • Course Duration 3 hours 2 mins
  • Price USD$
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  • Platform Skillshare
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You will learn: - How to import an Adobe Premiere Pro timeline into Davinci Resolve and what settings to choose for a successful transfer. - How to move around the interface and use all kinds of nodes, qualifiers, power windows, tracking... - You will also learn how to color grade several clips at the same time by grouping them, - I will teach you 4 steps to have guaranteed color correction every time; so guaranteed that you can put them into practice without even watching the video you are grading! - How to avoid rookie mistakes by protecting skin tones and blacks, - Learn to reuse your color grading for other projects.

Understanding TikTok and Its Users

  • Created by Anke Audenaert
  • Course Duration 4 hours
  • Price USD$Free
  • User Rating 4.7
  • Platform Coursera
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In this course, you will learn what TikTok is, who uses TikTok, and how people use this fun and unique platform. You will discover how to set up a personal account and learn all the best strategies for creating content.