Instagram : Account Growth & Monetization

"LEVEL UP YOUR INSTAGRAM GAME WITH THIS COURSE ON INSTAGRAM GROWTH AND MONETIZATION If you are someone who wants to know the right ways of growing your Instagram page, then this course is for you! But Where is the fun if you can't monetize something that you have grown? So, in the beginning of this course we LEARN to grow our page and then we remove the ""L"" from that to EARN from the page that we have grown using the strategies that I provide in this course."

Email Lists for Creative Entrepreneurs: Lead Magnets, Email Funnels, & Content Guidance

Let’s talk about email. The words "you need an email list” have been thrown at us so much that it’s probably the #1 thing we know we need to do for our business to thrive, BUT that’s about ALL we hear about it. We don’t have information that we actually NEED that will help guide us into HOW we should be doing this. That’s where I’m gonna fill the gap with this class.