Notion for Beginners : Build a Life Dashboard for Personal Productivity

  • Created by Mike And Matty
  • Course Duration 1 hour 47 mins
  • Price USD$
  • User Rating
  • Platform Skillshare
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Notion is an all-in-one workspace for personal and interpersonal productivity. It's the tool I wish I had in college and the tool I used throughout medical school and now to run my entire business. As such a powerful tool, it also comes with a learning curve.

Creativity Toolkit I: Changing Perspectives

  • Created by Jeffrey Loewenstein, Ravi Mehta, Jack Goncalo
  • Course Duration 20 hours
  • Price USD$Free
  • User Rating 4.8
  • Platform Coursera
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Thinking and doing the same things faster and better is not enough for innovation; we need creativity. Fortunately, creativity is a skill you can learn. This course will examine when, why, and how you can be creative so you can go through the creative process more efficiently and effectively.

Scale Up Your Startup Specialization

  • Created by Coursera QA Team
  • Course Duration 1 months at 10 hours a week
  • Price USD$Free
  • User Rating 4.7
  • Platform Coursera
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Scale Up Your Startup - Product, Processes, People. Learn the main points of a growth mindset and apply these as you scale up the products, processes, and people components of your business.