QuickBooks Self-Employed – Complete Course

  • Created by Rita Krekovska
  • Course Duration 1h 25m
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  • Platform Skillshare
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If you are looking to learn how to use and navigate on QuickBooks Self-Employed accounting software then this is the best course for you. To guide you through this course I will use an example of me having a business - like in real life. This will help you to live through situations and learn how QuickBooks Self-Employed software can be used to manage business operations.

Solidity 2022: Next steps after the basics. Inheritance, ERC20, and ERC721 Smart Contracts

This class is for anyone who has some fundamentals about smart contract development using the Solidity language! Here we will cover everything in a step by step method, talking about inheritance, ERC20 and ERC721 standards. Most of the tutorials and courses I followed focus on creating some type of project from the start, which is a great way to learn, but they also go very fast through the basic and I used to find myself not understanding why they write code in a certain way.