Smart Contracts

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  • Course Duration 17 hours
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This second course of the Blockchain specialization will help you design, code, deploy and execute a smart contract – the computational element of the blockchain technology. Smart contracts allow for implementing user-defined operations of arbitrary complexity that are not possible through plain cryptocurrency protocols. They allow users to implement conditions, rules and policies of the domain applications. Smart contracts are a powerful feature that, when properly designed and coded, can result in autonomous, efficient and transparent systems

Unlock the power of smart contracts with our comprehensive online course. Learn Solidity, deploy on the blockchain, and gain hands-on expertise. Enroll now for a shareable career certificate!


Smart contracts have revolutionized the world of blockchain technology, enabling the implementation of user-defined operations with unparalleled complexity. As the demand for blockchain expertise continues to soar, understanding smart contracts and their programming language, Solidity, has become essential for developers and programmers alike. If you’re looking to gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with smart contracts, look no further! Our comprehensive online course, led by the esteemed instructor Bina Ramamurthy, is designed to equip you with the skills you need to design, code, deploy, and execute smart contracts efficiently.

Course Overview

Gain Insight into Smart Contracts
The course begins by shedding light on the significance of smart contracts in transforming blockchain technology. You’ll explore their structure and basic concepts through real-world examples, gaining a solid foundation for the exciting journey ahead.

The Significance of Smart Contracts in Blockchain Technology
Delving deeper, you’ll uncover how smart contracts empower decentralized systems, paving the way for autonomous, efficient, and transparent applications. Harness the full potential of blockchain technology with the computational brilliance of smart contracts.

What You’ll Learn in This Course
The course curriculum is thoughtfully designed to provide you with comprehensive knowledge and skills. From mastering Solidity to deploying contracts on the blockchain, each module contributes to your expertise. You’ll also gain hands-on experience with Remix IDE, the preferred development environment for smart contracts.

Instructor: Bina Ramamurthy
Learn from the best! Bina Ramamurthy, a distinguished expert in the field, will guide you throughout the course. With her guidance, you’ll develop a deep understanding of smart contracts and their applications, opening new doors for your career.

Course Duration and Flexibility
This intermediate-level course requires approximately 17 hours to complete. However, with a flexible schedule, you can learn at your own pace, making it convenient for students and professionals alike.

Prerequisites and Recommended Experience
Worried about whether you’re eligible for this course? Fear not! While some basic programming knowledge is beneficial, our course is designed to cater to learners with varying levels of experience. Whether you’re an aspiring blockchain developer or a programmer curious about Solidity, you’ll find value in this course.

Already Enrolled Students
Join the community of 62,964 students who have already enrolled in this transformative course. Be part of a vibrant learning environment, and interact with peers on a similar quest for knowledge.

Part of the Blockchain Specialization

Enrolling in this course also grants you access to the Blockchain Specialization. Broaden your horizons with this comprehensive specialization and become a well-rounded blockchain expert.

What You’ll Gain

Advantages of Smart Contracts
Discover the immense benefits that smart contracts bring to the world of blockchain technology. From automation to security, smart contracts redefine the way transactions are executed, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Empowering Decentralized Systems
Learn how smart contracts play a pivotal role in enabling decentralized systems. Unleash the power of blockchain by incorporating smart contracts into your applications and solutions.

Implementing Complex Operations with Smart Contracts
Break free from the limitations of plain cryptocurrency protocols. With smart contracts, you can implement conditions, rules, and policies of any complexity, facilitating a wide range of use cases.

Transparency and Efficiency
Smart contracts offer transparency and efficiency in abundance. Experience the transformative power of a technology that minimizes human intervention and maximizes trust.

Who This Course is For

Aspiring Blockchain Developers
If you’re eager to dive into the world of blockchain development and explore its potential, this course is tailor-made for you. Master smart contracts and open doors to exciting career opportunities.

Programmers Interested in Solidity
Seasoned programmers looking to expand their skillset will find Solidity a fascinating language to explore. Join the course and unleash the power of smart contract programming.

Professionals Seeking Job-Relevant Skills
In today’s job market, blockchain expertise is highly sought after. Enhance your employability by gaining proficiency in smart contracts and blockchain technology.

Anyone Curious About Smart Contracts and Blockchain
If you’re curious about the latest advancements in blockchain and want to understand smart contracts, this course offers an engaging and accessible learning experience.

Module 1: Smart Contract Basics

Introduction to Smart Contracts
The journey begins with an introduction to smart contracts, offering a glimpse into their purpose and how they revolutionize the blockchain landscape. Delve into the underlying concepts that make smart contracts so powerful.

Role in Transforming Blockchain Technology
Unravel the critical role played by smart contracts in transforming blockchain technology. Witness how these digital agreements empower decentralized systems.

Exploring Smart Contract Structure
Understand the fundamental structure of a smart contract through real-world examples. Get a clear picture of how these contracts operate and interact with the blockchain.

Examples of Smart Contracts
Learning becomes more engaging with practical examples. Explore real-world use cases of smart contracts, illustrating their versatility and potential.

Deploying and Interacting with Remix IDE
Remix IDE is the preferred development environment for smart contracts. Learn how to deploy and interact with smart contracts using this powerful tool.

Module 2: Solidity

Mastering the Basics of Solidity
Solidity serves as the backbone of smart contract development. Master this high-level language, which blends elements from JavaScript, Java, and C++, to create efficient and robust smart contracts.

A High-Level Language for Smart Contracts
Understand why Solidity is tailor-made for smart contract programming. Explore its features and benefits, gaining confidence in using it for real-world projects.

Targeting the Ethereum Virtual Machine
As you dive deeper into Solidity, discover its unique capabilities in targeting the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Prepare to unleash the full potential of blockchain technology.

Hands-On Practice with Solidity
Learning Solidity is not just about theory; it’s about practice too! Engage in hands-on exercises to reinforce your understanding and sharpen your coding skills.

Module 3: Putting it all Together

Incremental Development of the Ballot Smart Contract
Witness the step-by-step development of a Ballot smart contract. Explore its features, functionalities, and the magic of creating decentralized applications.

Time Dependencies and Validations
Learn how to implement time dependencies and conduct validations in your smart contracts. Ensure that your applications perform as intended under different circumstances.

Access Modifiers, Asserts, and Require Declarations
Make your smart contracts robust and secure with access modifiers, asserts, and require declarations. Safeguard your applications against potential vulnerabilities.

Event Logging for Smart Contracts
Event logging enhances the transparency and traceability of your smart contracts. Understand how to implement and utilize event logging effectively.

Module 4: Best Practices

Evaluating Blockchain-Based Solutions
Blockchain may not always be the best solution for every problem. Learn how to evaluate whether a blockchain-based solution is suitable for your specific use case.

Designing Solidity Smart Contracts
Design plays a crucial role in the success of smart contracts. Discover best practices for designing efficient and effective smart contracts.

Tips for Effective Remix IDE Usage
Unlock the full potential of Remix IDE with practical tips and tricks. Streamline your development process and enhance productivity.

Enhancing Smart Contract Efficiency
Optimize your smart contracts for maximum efficiency. Minimize gas consumption and improve overall performance.


By now, you have embarked on an exciting journey into the world of smart contracts and Solidity. Armed with newfound knowledge and hands-on experience, you are well-equipped to design, code, deploy, and execute smart contracts with confidence. Embrace the power of blockchain technology and join the league of skilled professionals driving the digital revolution.


Q: Is this course suitable for beginners with no programming experience?
A: While some programming knowledge is beneficial, the course is designed to accommodate learners with varying levels of experience. Beginners with a passion for blockchain and smart contracts will find value in this course.

Q: What benefits will I gain from enrolling in this course?
A: By enrolling in this course, you’ll unlock the power of smart contracts, gain hands-on experience with Solidity and Remix IDE, and receive a shareable career certificate upon completion.

Q: Can I complete the course at my own pace?
A: Absolutely! The course is designed to offer flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace and strike a balance with your personal and professional commitments.

Q: Will I receive any industry-specific insights during the course?
A: Yes, the course curriculum includes concepts and insights from industry experts. You’ll gain a foundational understanding of smart contracts and their applications in various sectors.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for this course?
A: While some basic programming knowledge is helpful, it is not mandatory. This course is open to anyone with an interest in blockchain technology and smart contracts.