Leadership: Giving Feedback to Senior Stakeholders

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Navigating difficult conversations at work can be tricky, especially with a person in a position of authority. Join Abigail as she shares a simple but effective 7-step framework to guide you through giving feedback to senior stakeholders.

Are you struggling with giving feedback to senior stakeholders at work? Do you find it challenging to navigate difficult conversations with individuals in positions of authority? Don’t worry; you are not alone! Many professionals face this hurdle, but there’s a solution for you.

1. Introduction

When it comes to providing feedback to senior stakeholders, it’s essential to approach the task with confidence and composure. This is where peak performance strategist Abigail Ireland steps in to help you. In her online course, Abigail shares a simple but effective 7-step framework that will guide you through the process of giving feedback upwards in a productive and collaborative way.

2. Course Overview

Abigail’s course is designed to empower professionals like you with the skills to communicate feedback effectively. Through a series of engaging lessons, you’ll learn how to navigate tricky conversations with senior stakeholders with ease.

3. What You’ll Gain

By enrolling in this course, you will walk away with a comprehensive framework that you can use to plan and execute your next feedback conversation confidently. The skills you’ll gain include:

  • The ability to give feedback upwards with ease.
  • A deep understanding of your stakeholder’s drivers and motivations.
  • The expertise to sketch out your content and talking points effectively.
  • Confidence in road testing and practicing your feedback conversation.
  • Techniques for scheduling and setting the right tone for the conversation.
  • Proven strategies for having the feedback conversation in a constructive manner.
  • Tips on following up to ensure the feedback is well-received and acted upon.

4. Who This Course is For

Abigail’s course is designed primarily for leaders of teams who frequently engage with senior stakeholders. However, the principles and techniques taught are valuable for professionals in various roles. Whether you report to someone else or collaborate with senior stakeholders, this course will help you overcome the challenges associated with giving feedback in a comfortable and less daunting manner.

5. Preparing to Give Feedback Upwards

Before engaging in any conversation with senior stakeholders, proper preparation is crucial. Abigail will guide you through the necessary steps to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the feedback process. From understanding your own biases to setting clear objectives, this section will equip you with the right mindset for a productive conversation.

6. Understanding Your Stakeholders

To deliver feedback effectively, you must first understand your stakeholders and their drivers. Abigail will teach you how to analyze and empathize with their perspectives, enabling you to tailor your feedback to resonate with their goals and values.

7. Planning Your Talking Points

Crafting your feedback in a clear and concise manner is vital to ensure it is well-received. In this section, you’ll learn the art of structuring your talking points and messages to communicate your ideas effectively.

8. Practicing the Conversation

Practice makes perfect! Abigail will share valuable insights on how to rehearse your feedback conversation to gain confidence and refine your delivery. You’ll learn to anticipate potential reactions and prepare suitable responses.

9. Scheduling the Conversation

Timing and setting are crucial factors in delivering feedback. Here, you’ll discover how to schedule the conversation strategically, creating an environment that promotes open communication and receptiveness.

10. Having the Conversation

The moment has arrived to deliver your feedback. This section will focus on the actual feedback exchange, providing you with actionable tips to lead the conversation effectively and maintain a constructive atmosphere.

11. Following Up

Feedback doesn’t end with the conversation; it’s essential to follow up to ensure progress and implementation. Abigail will guide you on the art of constructive follow-ups that reinforce your feedback and build stronger working relationships.

12. Final Thoughts

As you conclude the course, you’ll reflect on your learning journey and the growth you’ve achieved. Abigail will leave you with empowering insights to carry forward and continue refining your feedback skills.

13. FAQs

Q1: Is this course suitable for entry-level professionals? A1: Absolutely! While the course is designed for leaders, professionals at all levels can benefit from the valuable feedback techniques taught.

Q2: Can I take this course if I’m not currently working? A2: Of course! The principles taught in this course are applicable in various settings, not just in the workplace.

Q3: Will I receive a certificate upon completing the course? A3: Yes, upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate to showcase your achievement.

Q4: Can I interact with other students during the course? A4: Yes, the course encourages interaction and sharing of ideas through the Project Gallery and Discussion Board.

Q5: Is there a money-back guarantee? A5: Yes, the course offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you find it unsatisfactory.

In conclusion, Abigail Ireland’s “Giving Feedback to Senior Stakeholders” course is a transformative experience for professionals seeking to enhance their communication skills with superiors. Whether you’re a team leader or an aspiring professional, this course equips you with the tools to navigate difficult conversations and provide valuable feedback confidently. Enroll now and discover the path to becoming a more effective communicator in your professional life!