Digital Painting in Procreate: Watercolor Leaves

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Watercolor leaves and wreaths motifs are a timeless asset in graphic design. The delicate illustrated motifs add a handmade touch to everything from illustrations to stationery and fabric. In this class, I am going to show you how to create digital watercolor leaves and wreaths in Procreate and make them ready for use as motifs in your designs.

Unlock the art of creating stunning watercolor leaves in Procreate. Join CardwellandInk Design’s expert-led course. Learn techniques, styles, and design motifs. Enroll now!


Are you ready to immerse yourself in the art of digital watercolor leaves? Imagine creating elegant wreaths and motifs that add a touch of handmade charm to your designs. Dive into the world of watercolor leaves with CardwellandInk Design’s captivating course, designed to elevate your design game and unleash your creativity.

Course Overview

Introducing “Digital Painting in Procreate: Watercolor Leaves,” a transformative course led by industry expert CardwellandInk Design. This course isn’t just about learning techniques; it’s a journey of mastering the delicate art of digital watercolor leaves. With step-by-step guidance, you’ll uncover the secrets of creating captivating motifs and wreaths.

What You’ll Gain

In this course, you’ll acquire invaluable skills:

  • Grasp fundamental techniques for using digital watercolor brushes.
  • Craft two distinct styles of leaves and twigs, adding versatility to your designs.
  • Unlock the magic of adjusting colors for that authentic watercolor appeal.
  • Harness the power of symmetry tools in Procreate to construct mesmerizing wreaths.
  • Seamlessly cut out watercolor leaves for stand-alone clipart with transparent backgrounds.

Who This Course is For

This course welcomes artists, designers, and creatives eager to explore the realm of digital watercolor leaves. Whether you’re a budding artist or an experienced designer, this course will empower you to infuse the timeless beauty of watercolor motifs into your creations.

Creating Digital Watercolor Leaves:

Techniques and Styles Start your journey with the basics. Learn to wield digital watercolor brushes with finesse, creating strokes that mimic traditional techniques. Discover the art of crafting two distinct leaf and twig styles, each bringing a unique flair to your designs.

Mastering the Watercolor Aesthetic: Adjusting Colors and Symmetry

Ever wondered how to achieve that classic watercolor look? Uncover a palette of techniques to infuse your motifs with the charm of traditional watercolor art. Additionally, explore Procreate’s symmetry tools to construct harmonious wreaths that captivate the eye.

Crafting Graphic Assets: Cutting Out Watercolor Leaves

Transform your watercolor creations into versatile assets. Master the technique of creating clipart with transparent backgrounds. Elevate your designs by seamlessly incorporating these assets into various projects.

Class Resources and Free Downloads Enhance your learning with exclusive resources:

  • Begin with a Procreate canvas featuring textured watercolor paper.
  • Leverage a custom watercolor brush set and a thoughtfully curated color palette.
  • Find inspiration on a dedicated Pinterest board, igniting your creativity.

Getting Started: Requirements and Tools

Embark on this creative journey armed with just your iPad and stylus. These tools are your gateway to unlocking a world of watercolor wonders in Procreate.

Showcase Your Skills: Class Project and Sharing

Put your newfound skills to the test. Create captivating watercolor motifs and share your projects. Your creations don’t just inspire; they encourage fellow creatives to explore their artistic potential.

Instructor’s Call to Action and Conclusion CardwellandInk

Design invites you to embark on this artistic voyage. Elevate your digital painting prowess, infuse watercolor elegance into your designs, and watch your creativity flourish. Enroll now and master the art of digital watercolor leaves!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What software is required for this course?

A1: This course focuses on Procreate, an intuitive digital illustration tool.

Q2: Are there any prerequisites?

A2: No prior experience is necessary; beginners and experienced artists can benefit.

Q3: Can I access the course resources after enrollment?

A3: Absolutely! Enjoy unlimited access to resources, enhancing your creative journey.

Q4: Is this course suitable for traditional artists?

A4: Absolutely! Traditional artists looking to explore digital realms will find this course enriching.

Q5: How do I share my projects?

A5: Showcase your work by uploading screenshots in the projects section, inspiring fellow creatives.

Unleash your creativity today, and join CardwellandInk Design’s course to master the captivating art of digital watercolor leaves. Your creative journey awaits!