Boost Your Storytelling with An Engaging Video Interview

  • Created by Christine G.
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Whether you're a seasoned social media influencer, just starting out as a journalist or filmmaker, or a freelancer / entrepreneur trying to market your brand, video is something everyone needs to consider as part of their social media and content strategies. But coming up with original, engaging short-form content on a regular basis is tough! This is why I love interviews! Done right, interviews are a treasure trove of interesting, authentic and valuable content.


In today’s digital landscape, where attention spans are fleeting and content saturation is rampant, crafting engaging and authentic content is a challenge that content creators face daily. Enter the world of video interviews – a treasure trove of compelling narratives waiting to be unlocked. Welcome to a transformative online course that delves into the art of crafting enticing video interviews that resonate with your audience.

Course Overview

Boost Your Storytelling with Engaging Video Interviews is not just a course; it’s an immersive journey into the realm of impactful storytelling. Led by the seasoned multimedia producer and journalist, Christine, this course offers a comprehensive guide to creating captivating video interviews for diverse platforms.

What You’ll Gain

Are you a social media influencer, journalist, filmmaker, or a brand marketer looking to make a lasting impact with your content? This course is your passport to mastering the skills of planning, sourcing, setting up, and editing captivating interviews. Gain insights on selecting interviewees, framing questions for juicy soundbites, and expertly editing interviews into compelling 1-minute promo videos.

Who This Course is For

  • Aspiring Content Creators: If you’re just starting out in video content creation, journalism, or filmmaking, this course offers a solid foundation to jumpstart your journey.
  • Social Media Mavericks: Social media content creators, influencers, vloggers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs seeking to stand out in the digital crowd will find this course invaluable.

Course Curriculum

1. Developing Your Idea

Unlock your creative potential as you explore how to brainstorm ideas for captivating interviews. Learn to shape your vision into a concrete plan that resonates with your audience.

2. Crafting Impactful Questions

The heart of any great interview lies in the questions. Dive into the art of curating questions that unearth captivating narratives and soundbites.

3. Scheduling and Planning

Discover the strategies to effectively schedule interviews, manage logistics, and create an environment that fosters genuine conversations.

4. Visualizing Your Plan

From storyboarding to shot composition, explore the visual aspects of your interview to create a compelling visual narrative.

5. Conducting Your Interview

Master the art of conducting insightful interviews that bring out authentic stories and perspectives from your interviewees.

6. Editing and Polishing

Delve into the editing process and learn how to piece together raw footage into a seamless, engaging narrative.

7. Crafting a Compelling Narrative

Transform raw interviews into compelling stories that resonate with your audience on a deeper level.

8. Illustrating Your Narrative

Explore the creative use of visuals, graphics, and overlays to enhance your storytelling and captivate your viewers.

9. Finalizing and Sharing

Learn the nuances of exporting, sharing, and promoting your finished interview video across social media platforms.


Q1: Can I take this course without any prior video production experience? Absolutely! This course is designed for beginners, providing step-by-step guidance throughout the process.

Q2: What equipment do I need to get started? While a dedicated setup is ideal, a smartphone with a good camera, tripod, and microphone will suffice.

Q3: How long do I have access to the course materials? Upon enrollment, you’ll have lifetime access to the course content, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Q4: Will this course help me improve my social media content strategy? Definitely! The skills you acquire in this course can be applied to various forms of media, including social media content.

Q5: Can I interact with fellow learners and the instructor? Absolutely! Engage in discussions, share your progress, and receive feedback from both peers and the instructor within the course community.

Embark on a journey that unlocks the power of storytelling through engaging video interviews. Enroll now and transform your content creation game forever!