Certification Course in Human Resource Management

  • Created by Pallabi Sengupta
  • Course Duration 14h 19m
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Curriculum commensurate to Top B School’s Management Program : with downloadable resources, quiz, assessments & exercise

Unlock the secrets of effective HR management and elevate your career with our comprehensive Certification Course in Human Resource Management. Learn key strategies, skills, and best practices for HR professionals. Perfect for management students, graduates, and HR practitioners.


Welcome to the world of HR management, where the art of people leadership meets the science of organizational success. In today’s dynamic business landscape, mastering Human Resource Management (HRM) is essential for both aspiring and seasoned professionals. If you’re ready to take your career to new heights, our Certification Course in Human Resource Management is your pathway to success.

Course Overview

Created by the experienced and accomplished Pallabi Sengupta, this course is a comprehensive journey through the realm of HRM. With 75 lectures spanning 14 hours and 19 minutes, the course equips you with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in HR management. Whether you’re a management student, recent graduate, or an HR practitioner aiming to enhance your skills, this course has something for everyone.

What You’ll Gain

As you embark on this learning adventure, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of HR insights and techniques. From understanding the fundamental concepts of HRM to exploring talent management, recruitment, compensation strategies, and leadership development, our course covers it all. Delve into case studies, interactive exercises, and downloadable resources that provide practical applications of HR practices in real-world scenarios.

Who This Course is For

This course is tailored to cater to a diverse audience. Management students seeking a competitive edge, recent graduates looking to establish a strong foundation in HR, and even professionals who manage people and processes outside of the HR domain will benefit greatly. It’s not just for HR specialists – it’s for anyone who wants to enhance their ability to lead, manage, and communicate effectively.

The Frameworks for Human Resource Management Course

The course is divided into three parts, each catering to different levels of expertise. In Part 1, known as “The Beginner,” you’ll get acquainted with the core functions of HRM, from recruitment to performance management. Part 2, “The Intermediate,” focuses on honing your strategic and leadership skills, while Part 3, “The Practitioner,” involves assignments that challenge you to apply your newfound knowledge to real-world situations.

Strategic Human Resource Management

Explore the world of Strategic HRM, where you’ll learn how HR practices align with organizational goals and contribute to long-term success. Dive into talent management, leadership development, and change management – skills that are indispensable in the modern business landscape.

HR Coursework and Skill Development

This section caters to the practical side of HRM. You’ll gain insights into crafting effective recruitment policies, formulating training and development strategies, and managing performance systems. Learn the art of conflict resolution, negotiation, and employee engagement – skills that set HR professionals apart.

Course Content

The course comprises three parts, each designed to cater to a different phase of your learning journey.

Part 1: The Beginner

Begin your HR journey with a solid foundation. From understanding the role of HRM to mastering recruitment, training, and performance management, this section covers it all.

Part 2: The Intermediate

Enhance your skills and take your HR expertise to the next level. Develop a strategic mindset, delve into leadership development, and gain insights into organizational growth.

Part 3: The Practitioner

Apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios through assignments that challenge your problem-solving skills. From recruitment to employee relations, this section ensures you’re ready to tackle HR challenges head-on.


Embark on a transformative journey with our Certification Course in Human Resource Management. As you master the art of HRM, you’ll not only elevate your career but also contribute to the success of your organization. Embrace the opportunity to learn from industry experts, engage with valuable resources, and join a community of like-minded professionals. Enroll today and unlock a world of HR possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who can benefit from this course?

A1: This course caters to a wide audience, including management students, graduates, and professionals with people management responsibilities. Whether you’re an aspiring HR specialist or a manager looking to enhance your skills, this course is designed for you.

Q2: Is this course suitable for someone without HR experience?

A2: Absolutely! This course is designed to cater to beginners as well as experienced professionals. The course content covers a range of topics, from fundamental HR concepts to advanced strategic skills.

Q3: What sets this course apart from others?

A3: Our course offers a comprehensive journey through HR management, encompassing not only theoretical knowledge but also practical application. With case studies, interactive exercises, and downloadable resources, you’ll gain hands-on experience.

Q4: How can this course benefit someone who isn’t an HR professional?

A4: Even if you’re not an HR specialist, this course equips you with valuable skills in leadership, conflict resolution, negotiation, and employee management. These skills are crucial for anyone managing teams or projects.

Q5: Is there ongoing support after completing the course?

A5: Absolutely! Upon completion, you’ll gain access to a supportive community where you can continue learning and networking. Additionally, you’ll receive bonus content on the latest HR trends and best practices.