Cryptocurrency Trading 2023: Hands-On Crypto Trading Course

  • Created by Faiz Rasul
  • Course Duration 8.21 hours
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Learn To Trade The Crypto Market. Join For Day Trading, Swing Trading, Crypto Investment, Bitcoin Trading, Elliot Waves

Learn the art of cryptocurrency trading with our comprehensive course. From basic to advanced strategies, gain the skills and knowledge to navigate the crypto market successfully. Enroll now for full lifetime access!


Welcome to the exciting world of cryptocurrency trading! In this digital era, where cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the financial landscape, it’s essential to equip yourself with the right skills and knowledge to make informed trading decisions. If you’re looking to dive into the world of crypto trading or enhance your existing trading abilities, the “Cryptocurrency Trading 2023: Hands-On Crypto Trading Course” is designed to be your ultimate resource. Join this course and embark on a journey towards mastering cryptocurrency trading.

Course Overview

Led by the experienced and knowledgeable instructor, Faiz Rasul, this course provides a comprehensive understanding of cryptocurrency trading. With a focus on both basic and advanced trading techniques, you’ll develop a solid foundation and gain the expertise needed to navigate the crypto market confidently. The course is structured into various sections and lectures, covering a total length of 7 hours and 52 minutes. Through engaging video content, you’ll explore essential concepts, strategies, and real-life examples to enhance your learning experience.

What You’ll Gain

By enrolling in this course, you’ll unlock a wealth of knowledge and skills that are crucial for successful cryptocurrency trading. Firstly, you’ll learn in-depth technical analysis using the Elliot Wave technique, empowering you to make accurate predictions and identify profitable trading opportunities. Additionally, the course introduces a unique trading strategy with a high risk-to-reward ratio, offering you a competitive edge in the market. You’ll also understand the trading cycle and gain the ability to trade confidently, regardless of whether the market is bullish or bearish.

Who This Course is For

This course caters to individuals who are eager to trade cryptocurrencies like professional traders. Whether you’re a beginner looking to enter the crypto market or an experienced trader seeking to refine your skills, this course is designed to meet your needs. Unlike traditional courses that focus on drawing resistance, support, or trendlines, this course takes a different approach by teaching you smart money trading using the Elliot Wave technique. By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped to navigate both bull and bear markets effectively.

The Lifecycle of Bitcoin and Altcoins

To understand the dynamics of cryptocurrency trading, it’s crucial to grasp the lifecycle of Bitcoin and altcoins. You’ll delve into the history and evolution of cryptocurrencies, gaining insights into their rise in popularity and the challenges they’ve faced. Moreover, you’ll explore the influence of smart money, observing how prominent players and whales invest and control the markets. By following in their footsteps, you’ll be able to identify lucrative trading opportunities and make informed decisions.

Scanning the Market and Choosing the Right Coins

Market analysis plays a vital role in successful cryptocurrency trading. In this course, you’ll learn how to effectively scan the market and select the most promising coins for trading. Through the application of the Elliot Wave technique, you’ll gain the ability to identify potential trades and maximize your chances of profitability. This section will provide you with the necessary skills to evaluate crypto projects and make informed decisions based on market trends and indicators.

The Crypto Trading Strategy: Step by Step

The highlight of this course is the instructor’s unique crypto trading strategy, which will be shared with you step by step. With live trade examples, you’ll witness how this strategy is implemented in real-time, enabling you to grasp the concepts more effectively. The instructor’s wealth of experience and expertise will guide you through the strategy, ensuring you understand the rationale behind each decision. Furthermore, risk management techniques and trade execution principles will be emphasized to help you develop a disciplined approach to trading.

Monthly Market Scan and Live Trade Recordings

To stay ahead of the game, the course provides you with access to monthly market scans and the latest technical analysis. By staying updated on market trends, you’ll be able to adapt your trading strategy accordingly. Live trade recordings offer valuable insights into real-time trading scenarios, enabling you to analyze successful trades and learn from them. This dynamic learning approach ensures that you remain up to date with market changes and enhances your ability to make informed trading decisions.


Embarking on a journey into the world of cryptocurrency trading requires the right knowledge and guidance. The “Cryptocurrency Trading 2023: Hands-On Crypto Trading Course” equips you with essential skills, ranging from basic to advanced, to become a successful trader. Whether you’re new to trading or an experienced individual seeking to refine your strategies, this course caters to your needs. Enroll today and unlock the potential of cryptocurrency trading like never before!


Q1: Is any prior trading experience required to enroll in this course?
A1: No, this course is designed for individuals with no prior trading experience. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection to practice the trades.

Q2: Who is the instructor of this course?
A2: The course is created by Faiz Rasul, an engineer turned full-time crypto trader with extensive experience in the field.

Q3: Will I learn how to trade in both bull and bear markets?
A3: Absolutely! The course emphasizes a trading strategy that enables you to confidently trade in any market condition, whether it’s bullish or bearish.

Q4: What sets this course apart from others in the market?
A4: This course stands out due to its unique approach to trading. Instead of focusing on traditional retail trader strategies, it teaches smart money trading using the Elliot Wave technique.

Q5: How can I access the monthly market scan and live trade recordings?
A5: Once enrolled, you’ll gain full lifetime access to the course materials, including the monthly market scan and live trade recordings. These resources will enhance your learning and keep you updated on the latest market trends.